From the Principal’s Desk

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

This saying may be old but even in today's scenario they define true goals of education. At Army Public School Birpur our prime concern is to give individual attention to each and every student and bring out the best of him or her . We try to stir up desire to explore more and more and their quest for knowledge should remain alive throughout the life. This will make him/her a useful citizen of the country.

It is a well known fact that understanding of good and bad is developed in the school and this enables them to choose the right path whenever two roads diverge in the woods. The students should know that no goal is achieved without pains and constant strife.

In order to achieve such goals we have to combine vocation and avocation. More and more real life situations are to be created so that the students can learn the things by doing them practically. The combination of bookish knowledge and outdoor activities can shape and design the path of victory and confusions are automatically settled as they march ahead in the battle of life. Both ICT and cricket, gardening and projects of Physics are necessary to have the understanding of soil and science. Always two odd ends should meet to make the knot perfect.

The World of tomorrow will be born from school of today. M.L Jacks

There cannot be anything nobler and more sublime than to nurture these saplings. The armed forces are Life lines of our nation and to shape their children is like paying back some long pending debts. I would like to assure our brave soldiers that your wards are in safe hands. Teachers in our school are parent ,friend, guide and facilitator.
May God bless us!

Ms.Bindu Sharma

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